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Tuesday February 21 - Last Chance Saloon for Seniors to better their eclectic score and leap into the top spot in the 2016/2017 tournament, with this aim in mind, 36 optimistic Gentlemen braved a dull, damp and breezy morning to compete.

As if this situation was not exciting enough, there was also a “rollover” in the Charity Raffle draw – because only 13 players competed on Friday February 14, no draw was held, so this week there was a big one (1 in 36 chance) and a little one (1 in 13 chance) I am pleased to report that the little winner was Martin Neilan and the big winner was Peter Woodhouse – well done chaps, start squandering!

There was some very tidy scoring in the eclectic – it is even possible that the top three places have changed, but, our secretive Competitions Secretary Jim Martin is playing the result very close to his chest and not informing us via Master Scoreboard – We Demand to Know!!!

In the meantime, the results of today’s bash are:

In third place with 39 points, playing off 11, Vice-Captain Idwal David

In second place with 41 points, playing off 7, Allen Watts

In first place with a splendid 42 points, playing off 13, our Trusty Treasurer, Stan Hudson

I have attached a photograph of Captain Dudley presenting Loads of Lolly to the winning trio – I trust you will forgive me, Dear Reader, if some of the faces seem familiar, but these chaps are always chipping away at the lead!

On Tuesday 28 February the Seniors will be divided, as some play for the Captain’s team and some play for the Vice-Captain’s – sort of a friendly grudge match, but great fun!  The post-mortem discussions over the sumptuous three course lunch have to be heard to be believed!

And Finally – Have you put your name down for the Chicken Trotter/s game and end of season lunch on Friday March 3? – Do!